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Boat Consult AB

Winter storage:
Göran Kollind
+46 (0)708-25 25 25

Insurance damage repair:
Magnus Troiza
+46 (0)705-16 34 00

Shipbuilding service:
Patrick Linnér
+46 (0)705-16 37 32

Manager Trelleborg:
Peter Axell
+46(0)705-16 34 01

Kristina Svensson
+46(0)761-25 10 78

Visiting address
216 12 Limhamn

Postal address
Box 50216
202 12 Malmö

Phone: +46 (0)40 16 34 00
Email: info@boatconsult.se

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Winter storage

We offer several options for you to chose from when you keep your boat with us during the winter.

Indoors in a heated depot with burglar alarms, fire alarms and CCTV, all linked to security service. In the autumn, as a Key Customer you’ll leave

Either you let us pick your boat up or you do it yourself. We have nautical competence and can bring your boat in from sea. On shore we pick it up with mobile cranes and special trailers.

Leave the boat with us in the Marina or we can pick it up.

The indoor storage includes admission, launching, transportation to and from the depot, rough washing, checking of GF/septic tank, battery and engine preservation.

During the winter, we carry out the work you have ordered; wood renovation, teak decks, polishing and waxing, bow thruster mounting,bubonic plague/ epoxy treatment, plastic work, engine work, preservation, installation of marine technology.

Authorized by the insurance companies

We carry out all repairs after grounding, collision, vandalism, etc.

Become a Key Customer

We handle everything from picking up to launching.

It couldn’t be easier! Call Göran Kollind +46 (0)708-25 25 25 goran.kollind@boatconsult.se